Terms September 2018

The Golden City Gate is a international tourism film-, print- and multimedia-competition during the ITB in Berlin with a subsequent award ceremony in different categories. Eligible are cities, countries, regions, hotels & spa, resorts, advertising and event agencies, city marketing, tourist associations, airlines, airports, cruises, shipping companies, departments of economic, development, ministries, TV institutions, music publisher, film- music- and media-productions, or persons to whom the rights of the submission of the contributions have been transmitted. By submitting a film or contribution the participant assert, that he is unrestricted entitled to dispose of the usage rights. The participant shall indemnify the presenter from any and all claims of third parties arising out of an infringement of third-party rights and a defense against such claims.

The film has to be forwarded to the following address at the latest by 28th January 2019. A participant is accredited to the competition if the application form is handed in completely and the attendance fee has been paid directly after receiving the invoice.

Attendance fee

For the first film registration: 598.00 EUR

Every further film registration: 548.00 EUR

+ 19% VAT

The legal VAT must be paid by all participants. Bank charges are payable by the participant.

bank account:

bank name: Sparkasse K├ÂlnBonn

account owner: Huschert Film+Medien GmbH

iban: DE42 3705 0198 0071 5729 52

swift-bic: COLSDE33XXX

PayPal: info@huschert.de

After having received a contribution the application fee cannot be refunded. The number of contributions is not limited. As long as no constrictions have been enunciated by the participators the contributions may be shown at no charge publicly within the competition THE GOLDEN CITY GATE (DAS GOLDENE STADTTOR) other events, on the internet and YouTube in the year of competition. To this the participant confers the artless, worldwide and temporal unlimited easement upon the organizer.

The participant has to bear the forwarding charges for bank and PayPal and charges for reshipment. The presenter is not liable for damages or loss of the transmittal. The organizer of the competition reserves the right to show posts filed under the award ceremony in excerpts. Be awarded the Golden, Silver and Bronze City Gate. The best film of all categories will be awarded with the DIAMOND AWARD. The applicant will be informed by the jury, from the 18th February 2019, when his contribution was nominated. After the award ceremony of The Golden City Gate, we will invite you to a get-together. If you are interested to be appointed next year as a jury member, please send an e-mail to produktion@huschert.de. There are some newly appointed judges annually. For multiple applications must be solved.

German law is effective. The CISG law is excluded. There is no right for participation. The legal process is excluded.